IrBEA along with THREE C project partners were delighted to be invited to visit Arigna Fuels processing plant facility located in the Arigna valley in county Roscommon. The company operated a coal mine until the 1990s and is now transitioning to manufacture and supply of a 100% based biomass fuel called ‘Harvest Flame‘ which is a renewable solid fuel.

The delegates were given a guided tour of the old Arigna mine by a retired miner. They also met with the owners of Arigna Fuels, the Layden family, along with R&D Manager, Robert Johnson who gave delegates a tour of the production and storage facilities including state of the art testing facilities for the new innovative biomass fuel which is now being supplied to the market.

In the photo are back row (l to r): Brendan Layden (Arigna Fuels), David Layden (Arigna Fuels), Kassiani Pliatsika (Celignis), Edgar Ramíres Heuta (Celignis), Tim Scholze (blinc), Tom Anthonis (Pro Natura), Sara Wiemann (blinc), Camille Hermans (CDEC – Conseil pour le Développement Economique de la Construction), Sebastian Schwäbe (blinc), Sander Lubberhuizen (Manager at Gemeente Enschede Municpality), Romain Guillaud (CDEC), Stuart McGowan (Aberystwyth University), Noel Gavigan (IrBEA), Luned Roberts (Aberystwyth University), Marlou Minnegal-Wijnberg(Gemeente Enschede), Henrike Halekotte (blinc) Stephen McCormack (IrBEA), Alex Wilcox Brooke (Severn Wye Energy Agency).

Front row (l to r): Seán Finan (IrBEA), Colin Keyse (Severn Wye Energy Agency), Robert Johnson (Arigna Fuels) Teresa O’Brien (IrBEA), Shane Layden (Arigna Fuels).